Support Staff

Mrs Lisa Talbot                   Pastoral Manager & DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs Maria Cook                   Administrator and Bursar

Mrs Kate Shepherd             Clerk to Governing Body

Targeted Support Team:

Key Stage One:

Mrs Helen Atkinson         Teaching Assistant

Ms Charlotte Sysum        Teaching Assistant & Forest School Leader

Miss Philippa Martinez     Teaching Assistant & Administrative Assistant (pm)

Key Stage Two:

Miss Natalie Clark           Teaching Assistant & Library Leader

Mrs Lisa Jotham              Teaching Assistant & Year 6 LSA


Teaching Assistants & Learning Support Assistants (LSA):

Mrs Ann Hale                  Foundation Stage Teaching Assistant

Mrs Ann Dale                  Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rosie Innes             Year 1 LSA (am) & Year 3 LSA (pm)

Mrs Mary-Kathryn Bynum          Year 2 LSA

Mrs Julie Butler               Year 3 LSA (am)

Mrs Gail Fyfe                  Year 4 LSA (am) & Year 5 LSA (pm)

Mrs Alison Stevens          Year 5 LSA (am)

Mrs Jane Deasy              Learning Mentor – Pastoral Team (am) & Year 6 LSA (pm)

Mrs Annie Curl-Wride      Year 6 LSA (am) & Pastoral Team (pm)

Mrs Kirsty Holliday           Year 6 LSA (am) & Year 1 LSA (pm)

Mrs Norma Whiteside     Year 6 LSA (am)

Mrs Fiona Thompson       Year 6 Teaching Assistant


Support Staff:

Mrs Rebecca Pattenden        Breakfast Club Leader

Mrs Katrina Heal                  Caretaker and Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Sarah Buckley               Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Orla Deasy                   Lunchtime Supervisor


Hillview Early Years Team:

Mrs Sue Winters
Hillview Early Years Manager

Mr Richard Sysum
Hillview Early Years Assistant Manager

Miss  Laura Hayes
Hillview Early Years Educator

Mrs Sarah Wood
Hillview Early Years Educator

Mrs Julie Wiltshire
Hillview Early Years Administrator