Meet the Governors

Dr Aisha Sohail: I became a parent governor in 2014 and sit on the Standards and Curriculum committee. As a doctor I have chosen to specialise in General Practice and am involved in medical education. Currently I am the Gloucestershire GP Education Scholar.  I have three children, daughters in year 3 and year 1 and a 3 year old son soon to start in Early Years. I am passionate that children must enjoy school, feel safe and be confident and we should strive to ensure every child reaches their potential, whatever ability they may have. With this in view, I became a governor. I hope I will do this role justice and together as a school we will excel in all that we do because our children deserve nothing less. (Co-Vice Chair)

Andrew Shelton: After a brief year of teaching in the Midlands, in 2015, I returned back to Gloucestershire, where I had studied for my BEd for three years at the University of Gloucestershire. Whilst training in Cheltenham and Gloucester, I became familiar with the local area and knew that it was the place in which I wanted to teach. I became a Governor in October 2016. At this point in my career, I wanted to join the Governing Body to enable myself to have a better understanding of how and why decisions are made at the strategic level, and the impact they have on the day-to-day teaching and learning within School.  As the Governing Body provides oversight to the School, I want to offer any guidance and support I can to help move the School forward positively and collaboratively. This is an interesting time in education, so being involved in decision making and having an impact over the direction of travel for Hillview is really exciting.

Bill Crowther: I came to live in Gloucester with my family in 1989, ending up as a Contracts Procurement Manager for a national power company, working on major projects, until taking early retirement in 2003. After joining the Governing body in 1997 during my period as the County Councillor for Hucclecote (from 1993 until 2013), and undertaking various roles on the governing body, for the past few years I have been the Premises Governor. During that time the improvements I have seen to the school building and surrounding playing fields etc.has been tremendous. Having intended only to serve for 4 years as a governor, I am still here some 20 years later. The reason is the caring supporting ethos of Hillview School that has been the bedrock upon which it has enabled pupils of all abilities and background to achieve their potential. It is at times truly inspirational, and I want to play my part as a governor to help maintain that excellence through all the challenges that continue to face the school, now and in the future.

Dave Stoddart: I’ve been a Governor at Hillview for over 10 years now. I started as a Parent Governor when my eldest child was in Reception and am now a Co-opted Governor. I believe Hillview is a special place for our children and as governors we work hard to ensure we support the school so that the children can receive the best possible education during their time with us.  The work of the Governing Body has been formally recognised in the last two OFSTED inspections and that helps reassure us that we are doing the right thing.

John Evans: I am a qualified accountant and have spent most of my working life in senior financial and administration roles. I retired from the Civil Service in December 2015 after having worked for the Ministry of Justice for the last seventeen years.  Our foster son attends the school and we were keen to offer our support to the school in any capacity we could. The opportunity to join the Board of Governors presented itself and I became a Governor in late 2016.  My wife and I have fostered a number of children over the years and out of necessity this has meant establishing a close working relationship with a number of schools and their teaching staff. We were therefore all the more impressed with the ethos of Hillview School and the active programme in place that supported children with special needs and helped them to return to and thrive in main stream schooling. It is my hope that my expertise and experience can make a contribution to the continuing development of school’s unique qualities in spite of the ongoing funding constraints.

Lisa Talbot: I have lived in Gloucester all my life, have been married for 28 years and have 3 children, one of which is a Y5 teacher at another primary school.  I have been employed at Hillview Primary School for over 13 years and I am employed as the Pastoral Manager.  Previously I worked at Hempsted C of E Primary School and Hempsted playgroup.  I have been a staff Governor for approximately 4 years and my role is to represent the voice of the staff. Being a Governor gives me an opportunity to be part of the decision making process and help build the best school for our children.

Nicki Wadley: My passion for school governance started eight years ago, when I first joined the governing body at Hillview Primary School and Early Years as a parent governor.  My volunteer role turned into a career and I have spent the last four years working in school governance, both as an independent consultant and as Head of Governance for a large multi-academy trust. I now work as governance lead for a national organisation for school leaders. Although my children have now both left Hillview I am delighted and privileged to have been asked to re-join the governing body and I hope that my experience in governance will support the school to continue to move forward. (Chair)

Richard Grant: I am a retired engineer. I became a Governor before I retired when I was working for a local firm, and thought that being a Governor would be a way of helping the community in which the firm was based.  I became a Governor in November 2012, to be of service to the community through supporting the school. I hope to be able to support the Head and staff of Hillview in delivering the education best suited to the needs of the pupils who make up the school.

Steve Hutchinson: I trained as an electronic engineer, then felt God wanted me to share Jesus and the Bible with children and families, which I do working with the charity, Scripture Union.  I love music, listening and playing, and wood turning, that I teach to children at school fayres.  I was elected parent governor in 1992 when I wanted to support the school that my boys attended.  I was grateful for all the school had done for my sons so I continued as a governor after they left.  I want the school to offer the best learning possible, whilst being a friendly, welcoming place and hope that I can play a part in that.  I want to support staff and parents so that the children do the best they can.  I have a special heart for those with learning difficulties or other issues that make it harder for them, and hope that our school will always welcome and be able help such children.

Dr Tracey Devonport: I am a practising Sport and Exercise Psychologist working at the University of Wolverhampton. Having worked in Education for many years, and with a specialism in research and consultancy, I hope to use my experiences to support the Hillview community. Lecturing gives me an insight into education, whilst my research experiences have allowed me to objectively examine challenging questions. As well as an academic researching the value of sport and physical activity, I am a lifelong exerciser. Once competitive (with varying success!) in many sports, I have now settled for exercising for recreation. As a co-opted Governor for PE, I would like to support Hillview in maximising the benefits that physical activity can offer children of all ages.

Tracey Turner: Our family moved here from Scotland 4 years ago, and the staff and families of Hillview have been pivotal in making us feel welcome. I have a daughter in year 2 and a son who will be starting at HEY in the summer term, so I can usually be found in the KS1 playground before and after school. If we haven’t already met, you’ll recognise me by my accent! I have been amazed at the increase in my daughter’s confidence since coming to Hillview and feel that, by being a governor, I am able to contribute in some small way in helping the school continue in the good work it does for all its pupils. (Co-Vice Chair)